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Opportunities for Giving

Annual benefactor gift support of SWIM, Inc. enables the organization to provide a safe and supportive environment for adults with impaired mobility to participate in aquatic exercise emphasizing faculties of body, mind, and spirit in a social gathering of caring and respect. Your generous gift today to the Annual Fund truly makes a difference and is greatly appreciated.

Annual Gifts
Unrestricted gifts from individuals, businesses and charitable gift making foundations are the most desired source of support for the Organization. Annual gifts are used for general purposes and areas of greatest need within the program. All participants benefit from annual gift support.

Gift of Appreciated Securities
Transferring or assigning gifts of appreciated stock that otherwise would result in heavy capital gain tax liabilities if sold may be the most tax beneficial way of making a gift to the Organization. In most situations a tax credit for the full current value of your contribution may be realized. Please contact your accountant or financial advisor for information regarding tax law prior to making your gift. The value of a stock gift is credited as the mean value of your shares on the day of your gift. Gifts of appreciated stock may be made either by electronic transfer from your broker to the Organization broker, or they may be hand delivered to the Organization along with a signed stock power. Please contact the SWIM, Inc. at info@swim-inc,org or call 908 685 0040 for more information.

Corporate Matching Gifts
Many corporations donate a dollar gift amount that equals, or in some cases, doubles or triples the dollar gift amount given by corporation employees and retiree or their spouses. If your employer offers this benefit, or if you are unsure if your employer offers this benefit, contact your Human Resources Office for information and/or to obtain a matching gift application form. Complete part on of the application and send it to the Organization along with your gift to the Annual Fund. The Organization will process your application and forward it to the address specified by your employer.

Memorial/Honor Gift

The passing of a loved one or someone close to your is rightfully a time for remembrance. Many people search for way to recognize the life of a spouse, family member or dear friend – to make a lasting statement about what that person meant to them. Likewise, a joyful lifetime event of a loved one or someone close to you, such as a wedding gift, a graduation or birth of a child is rightfully a time for honor. Recognizing such a significant milestone in the life of a family member or dear friend is a means of sharing in their happiness. Gifts to an Organizations’ recognition programs offer a unique way of memorializing or honoring loved ones or those closest to you.

Legacy Gifts
Bequests are charitable gifts planned through a person’s will. They are visionary by nature and are a thoughtful means of providing for beneficiaries, including charities supported during a benefactor’s lifetime, after a death of a benefactor. A bequest is usually a gift of cash, however, tangible property such as real estate, securities, works of art and other collectibles, etc., may be made also.

Naming SWIM, Inc. as a beneficiary in your will is a particularly personal way of continuing your lifetime annual support. The wording used may be direct and simple, listing the Organization as a beneficiary. A specific amount may be indicated, or you may specify that a fixed percentage of your estate is left after final expenses and special gifts are made.