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Purpose Statement


Our purpose is to provide recreational therapy for adults with a muscular impairment.

It is a FREE program!

Become a Swimmer, a Volunteer or a Friend.


Swimmers are those with muscular problems. Volunteers assist in the water, in the dressing room, or serve refreshments. Friends are those who provide encouragement and/or financial support.


Exercise in water helps relieve many physical or muscular discomforts, gives pleasure and relaxation to both Swimmers and Volunteers. Less able-bodied persons are amazed by the ease of movement and self satisfaction gained in the water. We always welcome more adults to share in our programs which began in 1975.


SWIM, Inc. supports itself with an annual fundraiser and donations from individuals, corporations, and other organizations – all deductible under IRS Code 501-C3. SWIM, Inc. is a non-profit organization. We receive no government funding, and SWIM, Inc. contributes to all the pools. Donations to SWIM can be in the form of bequests,.securities or checks.
You are invited to become a Swimmer, a Volunteer, or a Friend. Visit the “downloads forms” page to get started.
SWIM, Inc. does make a difference!