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SWIM, Inc. Mission:

The mission of Swim, Inc. is to provide a safe and supportive environment for adults with impaired mobility to participate in aquatic exercise emphasizing faculties of body, mind, and spirit in a social gathering of caring and respect.

Value Statements:
1. Provide adults with mobility impairments the opportunity to exercise in water

  • All adults can benefit from regular exercise by improving or maintaining the physical, mental, social and spiritual aspects of their lives.

2. Delight, inspire and motivate participants through physical, social, and spiritual well being in a safe and caring environment that is life enhancing and life changing.

  • The spirit of SWIM, Inc. is contagious as people use what abilities they have, enjoy in doing what they can do, rather than bemoaning what no longer works.  They are able to do in water what they may not be able to do on land.
  • The social relationships that develop through SWIM, Inc. are long lasting.

3. Create and cultivate Win-Win relationships

  • Win-Win relationships are established with participants, care givers, volunteers, and the facility being used.

4. Treat all persons with dignity and respect.

  • SWIM, Inc. offers these opportunities in the same spirit of the founders: generously, freely, and graciously.

SWIM Vision
The vision of SWIM, Inc. is to have a program available to every person in New Jersey
who desires it.



Everyone will need to call(908-766-6085)or go to our web-site www.swim-inc.org to obtain an Appication, Medical Form and Helpful Hints for your First Visit.

Exercise is for one hour with guidance and/or instruction from an Aquatic Instructor or
Chapter Coordinator. The Social Hour is a great way to meet new people. The Social Hour will be held depending on room availability for each Chapter.

Participants are welcome to attend any location by presenting a photocopy of their approved application and medical form from where they are registered. Contact Chapter Coordinator.


SWIM, Inc. has been an all volunteer organization for thirty five years. We would not be where we are today without our dedicated, loving volunteers. We received the 2010 Disability Advocacy Award due the work our volunteers have done.

All volunteers must fill out a volunteer and emergency form found on our web-site www.swim-inc.org or by calling the SWIM, Inc. office.(908-766-6085)

Become a FRIEND!

You can never have too many friends!

Especially when it comes to SWIM, Inc. Join us on our Facebook and or Web-site.

SWIM, Inc., is a 501-(C)(3) (non-profit) organization. We receive no government funding.

Our individual FRIENDS and Corporate donors help SWIM, Inc. provide this FREE aquatic program for many people who suffer from Parkinson’s, M.S., Stroke Victims, Post Polio and others with mobility impairments. We cannot survive without the support from our friends. Your tax deductable donation to SWIM, Inc. can be in the form of bequests or securities. Your financial contribution is greatly appreciated!

How to use this website:

Explore our site and find out who we are and what we do. Learn how you can benefit by sharing yourself with others. Everyone is a winner in SWIM, Inc.

Then visit a pool location near you during a SWIM, Inc. program. Talk with participants and volunteers. Listen and learn from participants. Click on “Locations" for information about pool locations and the names of chapter coordinators. Visitors and new applicants are encouraged to observe procedures around the pool, in dressing rooms and social areas.

Benefit. While aquatic exercising can be most therapeutic, the ongoing social interaction can be equally beneficial for participants and volunteers, some of whom live rather isolated lives. Chapters develop a supportive network of caring friends.

Become a participant, volunteer or friend by visiting our “Download Forms” page. An application approved by a chapter coordinator, provides access to all of the SWIM, Inc. chapters in all our New Jersey locations.

Contact Eileen Loughnane, Executive Director at eileen@swim-inc.org
or call 908-766-6085.

Thank you to all volunteers and runners for SWIM, Inc.'s first Run 4 Me 5K. Your support to our 5K event is so appreciated as we continue to seek ways to fund our water exercise program for our wonderful particpants who struggle with mobility issues every day of their lives.

Our Location

SWIM, Inc. Office:
36 Morristown Road

Bernardsville, NJ 07924

Phone: (908) 766-6085

Fax: (908) 766-6055
Email: eileen@swim-inc.org

Mission Statement

The Mission of SWIM, Inc is to provide a safe and supportive environment for adults with impaired mobility to participate in aquatic exercise emphasizing faculties of body, mind and spirit in a social gathering of caring and respect.

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